OmniHealth Clinic in Springfield, MO

“Finally, A New Medical Clinic Where You Can Get Fast, No-Hassle, Quality, And Affordable Treatment.”

(Dr. Ernie Hall and OmniHealth Family Clinic)

Omni Health Clinic in Springfield, MOEveryone hates the high cost of health care.  We’re all sick and tired of all the hassle associated with going to see a doctor in Springfield, MO.  It would be nice if going to the doctor were a “hassle-free” experience.  It’s now to the point, “if you don’t have health insurance or money to pay in advance, the doctors won’t even see you.”  Imagine a clinic where you don’t have to spend hours sitting in a waiting room to see a doctor.  That’s the experience you’ll have at OmniHealth Clinic in Springfield, MO, located on the north side of Springfield just one block east of Glenstone, on Kearney Street at 2032 E. Kearney Suite 109.

Dr. Ernie Hall, owner of Omni Health Clinic in Springfield, MOMy wife Andrea and I opened OmniHealth to serve a growing need in our community.  I know the cost of health insurance is constantly going up.  It’s to the point where many people are struggling to afford it.  When you come to our clinic, I will treat you like I would want to be treated if I were seeing a doctor.  I take as much time (within reason) to diagnose your problem and find the best prescription to fit your need.

We do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Cash, check, or credit-cards Only

By doing this I can keep my costs low and pass the savings on to you.  This is a great investment for you and your employees especially if your employees don’t have insurance.   You see, the investment for your first office visit is only $44.  (Check with our office for other charging). That’s for you, your employees or any family members.  (If you currently have insurance that only covers 2 office visits a year, you can come to see us for a regular visit and save the other visits for emergencies.)

I found Dr. Hall’s service to be fast and very informative.   He took time to find out what was bothering me.  I didn’t feel I was rushed in and out as I have been when I went to see another physician. I found Dr. Hall to be very informative, professional, and relatable.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hall and OmniHealth to anyone.”

 Dr. Sheila Hutson, Springfield, Mo.

If your employees need physicals or TB testing we can do that also.

If you have over five (5) employees needing a physical or TB test, I will come to your center.

 “I found Dr. Hall to be very friendly, great with children, a great value, and easy to get to see.  Overall I had a great experience with Dr. Hall and OmniHealth Clinic.”  Cherri Middleton, Middleton’s All Natural Meats.

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